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Referral/Partner Program

We are the only society accounting solution providers in the country providing you with lifetime monetary benefits, if other housing societies sign up with us, as a consequence of your referral. Till such time as the society you have referred to us continues to use our services, you will continue to reap such benefits. The benefits you shall receive will be according to a pre-stipulated arrangement between you and us.

Are you a happy customer?

We are not asking you to take our word for it, but try out society accounting solution to judge what it can do for you. If you find that Apna Account solutions has indeed made life easier for you, we are providing you the unique opportunity of cashing in on your satisfaction quotient by taking advantage of our referral programme.

Do you feel that other people in your network could also benefit from our services?

If you are 100% satisfied with our society accounting solution, we invite you to refer our product to other housing societies. Not only would the people you refer gain by using our efficient services, we will appreciate your efforts by offering you at least 10% of the amount that we have procured as a fee from the new client. And the best part is, that it is not just a one time or a short term offering, but a lifetime benefit that you can reap, till such time that the client stays on board with us and uses our service.

Benefit of Referral

If you introduce 6 society in a year.

Assuming an avg.500 flats per society.

Charges per flat per month : Rs.18 * 12 Month : Rs.216.

Total Revenue / Year : 6 (No.of society ) * 500 ( Flats per society ) * Rs.216 : Rs. 6,48,500.

Your Referral Income : Rs.6,48,500 * 10 % : Rs.64,850 Per Year.

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Become a local partner with us and reap the benefits

We believe, that when it comes to society accounting, it cannot only be cut and dry number crunching. We are in a human business and our end motive is to promote community building. Therefore, we are on the hunt for local partners in various states across the country who will understand and appreciate the potential of our unique product and adapt it to our local society. With your local understanding of the community, and our expertise put together we can embark upon a unique business relationship, for mutual benefit.

Who can be a partner with Apna Account

  • Chartered Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Financial Planners
  • Doctors
  • Employees of builders
  • Real estate agents
  • Office bearers of housing societies
  • Independent real estate brokers
  • Independent finance professionals

In a nutshell, anybody who has a network of people that he or she reaches out to a daily basis can be our potential partner.

Benefits of an Apna Account partner

  • Zero Investment.
  • No direct cost involve.
  • No requirement of recruiting a Dedicated staff.
  • Quick response time on any Lead conversion
  • Knowledge support.
  • Benefit on Partner scale up on pricing.
  • Link up of Referral Lead to Local Partner domain category.

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