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Residents Advantages

  • Online directory of all residents
  • Phone numbers and Email address can be masked by the choice of individual resident
  • Networking information such as hobbies, profession, personal social links, etc
  • Can update data of Doctor and Blood groups, with privacy settings
  • Can update data of Servants / Maids with their complete information
  • Sub-list of Management Committee members
  • Emails can be sent to any resident right from this directory
  • Ability to Search on name, flat, intercom, occupation, languages, hobbies etc
  • Email / SMS Alerts of every notification
  • Visitor Info
  • Online Facility booking
  • Online Documents / Albums
  • Complaint tracking
  • Online Discussion / Polls
  • Online Payment with Debit / Credit card / Net Banking facilities
  • A Resident can view financial details and alerts pertaining to his flat
  • He can view the invoices/receipts against his flat and take printout if required

Admin Advantages

  • Online directory of all residents
  • Admin Forum is available only to the committee Member
  • Same features as that of the Resident Forum
  • Can control instant email notification, receive and reply to and from email
  • Complete track of all communication with date , time and author can be maintain

Dedicated Website

  • Each Apartment Complex gets a dedicated website
  • You can upload images and will show as a slide show on the home page
  • Configure Welcome Message, instructions to join your Community
  • Outsiders can use this page to contact the Apartment Owners for rental, stall etc

Email / SMS Alerts

  • Online directory of all residents
  • Email & SMs Alters of Bills and receipts
  • Email & SMS alters for Transactions
  • Email & SMS Alerts for meeting
  • SMS alerts for reminders of Due dates , Meeting , Events
  • Emails for notices
  • Emails for Minutes of meetings
  • Emails for Polls and Discussed topics

Payment Gateway

  • Payments Gateway uses sophisticated tools for securing your transactions.
  • Payments made by member will be directly credited to Society's Bank Account
  • Instant E-receipt is sent once the payment is confirmed
  • Member can pay commercial Notice cost / Facility Booking / Utility / Parking slot charges /
  • Maintenance Charges / Festival Booking .
  • Amount can be credited to Society account of T + 2 days basis.
  • Lowest Transaction charges in market
  • Debit card : 1 %
  • Credit card : 2 %
  • Net Banking : Rs.21