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Income Tracker

  • Automatic Invoice generation against each flat
  • Supports different Apartment Categories along with customized due template of square feet – flat rate
  • Manual invoice can be keyed for all other receivables such as Ad-Hoc fees or penalties
  • Easy set up of Income Heads
  • Post Dated Cheques can be tracked easily
  • Financial details against each flats viewed
  • Email/SMS reminder can be sent to payment defaulters
  • Very easy to use - be compliant with accounting standards without being an accountant

Expenses Tracker

  • Easy setup and tracking of Direct and Indirect Expense Heads
  • Expenses for past periods can be compared
  • Budgeting for selected Expense Heads, with variance tracking
  • Service Tax and TDS are captured and posted to relevant Tax Accounts
  • Outstanding dues against Vendors is available

Bank And Petty Cash

  • Configure Bank Accounts and Petty Cash
  • Seamlessly integrated with Income Tracker and Expense Tracker - all income and expenses posted reflect against Bank Accounts or Petty Cash
  • Transfer between accounts, withdrawal to Petty Cash can be captured
  • Makes Bank reconciliation very easy

General Ledger

  • Chart of Accounts to configure Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expense Account Heads all in one place
  • Journal Entries to move money to relevant Account Heads
  • Journal Entries to capture asset depreciation, bank charges and loans etc
  • Free flow query to pull up transactions from any date and any account
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements with option to export to Excel


  • Generate Trail Balance, Transaction Report, Bank Account Summary and Income and Expense Report
  • Download financial reports in excel, PDF format
  • Print the financial reports
  • All activities are captured in activity logs so that administrator can check on discrepancies
  • If we add the Register Details like Shares, Nomination etc. then that should be reports in excel / PDF format
  • All Report in a format support to Auditors requirement.
  • Reports can be also be generated in flat wise ledger