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Meeting Calendar

  • Create Meetings with agenda items, set date, time and Venue for the meeting
  • Send automatic Email and SMS Reminders for the participants
  • Close the Meeting and share the Report by Email to all Invitees
  • Attendance of members attending meeting can be noted, if required penalty can be added in case non attendance

Complaints/Issue Tracking

  • Committee can create Issue / complaint category other In- Build category in system
  • Can create escalation Matrix if required
  • Any Member can create complain no. and track status of their respective complaint
  • Email / SMS to service provider

Facility Booking Management

  • Calendar which displays booked / blocked facilities and events
  • View facilities booked by resident, and others
  • Resident can book a facility
  • System will not book a facility if a booking already exists (Under construction)
  • Integrated with payment gateway (Under construction)
  • Collect payment and confirm booking, cancel booking
  • View past bookings, utilization etc
  • Accessible to: All

Vendor List

  • Helps any new resident to settle down with a single click
  • List of common service providers in the community
  • Quality of service of each vendor can be rated
  • Tracking of Annual Maintenance contracts
  • Measure Vendor performance with Grading
  • Member can add their servants / Maid details along with their Id Proof Details

Assets & Inventory Tracker

  • Virtual assets book with Assets name, Price, Tag no., & date along with vendor details
  • Information on capital assets can be stored in this application
  • Service providers can be assigned to each Asset
  • Email or SMS alerts can be setup for preventive maintenance appointments, renewal of AMC contracts etc
  • Easy documentation of Service History
  • Easily Track Inventory
  • The central directory of your AMC contacts, other maintenance contacts
  • Due dates of upcoming payments can be set so that you can avoid penalties
  • These contacts can be assigned to designated Assets in Asset Tracker

Visitor Tracking

  • Track Visitors and Staff Entering and Leaving the Complex
  • Assign multiple gates and track movement at each gate
  • Integrated with Staff Manager
  • Configurable Visitor entry reasons eg. Personal Visit, Door Delivery etc
  • Comprehensive Reports to track the entry / exit

Parking Management

  • Admin Can Track parking allocation with vehicle owner details.
  • Bulk information sharing Via SMS / Email if want to manage parking slot due to any events.
  • Admin can track unallocated parking slots.
  • Identification / tracking of multiple vehicle in parking slots as per their allocated space.

Statutory Report

  • Single contact point for all reference materials
  • Capture I-Form, J-Form, O – Form and Share Register Details for each Member
  • Capture Lease Start and Lease End for Tenants
  • Track of Nominees , NOC and Mortgages